Welcome to the Weloveglassblown shop. We are happy to offer good quality Hand Blown Glass Animals & Glass Animal Figurines from Thailand.

We are pleased to be one part of this online marketplace. We launch our Glass Figurines in eCrater because we would like to increase our Brand Awareness and have the chance to connect with many shoppers including Collectibles people.

The products are made from Thailand that is a country located in South East Asia. Each Glass Animal Figurines reflects exquisite, artistic, and creative. Some of our products are Gilt that makes the difference.

Our inspiration begins from collecting Glass Animal Figurines and sharing with friends & family. Then we would like to share them to other people that may be interested in Glass Figurines like us. So, we open an e-store that can connect people all over the world. Later we decide to have a shop in eCrater to complement to our e-store and reach more people.

We hope that our Glass Figurines could bring the happiness to viewers. Also, we will more delight if our products can be a part of their collections or memorable gifts to someone.

Come to visit us more at: www.weloveglassblown.com that is certified by DBD (Department of Business Development) at the Silver Level.

Thailand is the country that consists of the culture and art. Glass Blowing in Thailand has been started more than twenty five years. With the good quality of imported material and Thai handcraft we are proud to present the Hand Blown Glass products made in Thailand like Miniature Hand Blown Glass Animal Figurines.

Weloveglassblown.com begins from collecting the Hand Blown Glass Animal Figurines and loving to decorate them at home. Leading to sharing with friends. Until presenting to any people who also like them.

On June 1, 2012 weloveglassblown.com is registered with the Department of Business Development (DBD), the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand. The registration number is 3101201093388. Also, the Department of Business Development provides us “DBD Registered Logo” that represents the website’s trustworthy.

On July 15, 2013 We open another online store at eCrater to reach more shoppers. We believe that eCarter could bring friendly platform and expand more opportunity to us. Besides eCrater has the community for sharing things.

On February 19, 2015 our website at www.weloveglassblown.com adopts the responsive technology. Therefore it is user-friendly for any mobility devices such as tablets and smart phones.

On September 23, 2016 we are certified by DBD (Department of Business Development) at the Silver Level. Please see the Logo at Weloveglassblown.com (Logo showing on the left hand side).

On May 1, 2017, we are luanching "Lovirian" provding all natural harbal handmade soaps made from Thailand. The website is http://lovirian.ecrater.com.

For GBD currency (UK) , it is www.weloveglassblown.ecrater.co.uk
For AUD currency, it is www.weloveglassblown.ecrater.com.au

Stay connected with us at: www.facebook.com/Weloveglassblown, https://plus.google.com/+Weloveglassblown, OR www.weloveglassblown.tumblr.com

Joined date: 15 July 2013
Updated: 3 June 2017